Household Moving

All Over Canada Vanlines is your reliable partner for all of your household moves. Whether you are moving across they country or Locally, we can facilitate your move seamlessly. We are able to tailor your move precisely to your unique needs and household. Our quality moving services will guarantee complete satisfaction. Prior to the move, our specialists can discuss your needs for your move including dates, distance, budget, storage, packing materials and services etc. They will also ensure that they get any special instructions from you regarding your move. We have the capability of providing distinctive quotes customized to the moving needs of every client. Once you book your move, we will provide you with a confirmation e-mail, that will include all the details of your move from start to finish.

At All Over Canada Vanlines, it is our mission to help our clients have the smoothest and most stress-free move possible. We know moving can be a real challenge, not only because of what we do, but because we’ve had to move in our personal lives, too!

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